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Guest Experience


The guest experience is a unique and bespoke

surprise 5 course tasting menu.

Our unique concept is based on a blind tasting menu that is created by Amy and Marina to offer you a complete different journey and way to dine with us.

Spending a lot of time in Michelin Star restaurants designing menu and wine pairings, Amy and Marina are driven by their passion for creating dishes to go with a handpicked Wine flight.

The Guest Experience Tasting Menu is designed to be enjoy by the whole table and can be absolutely bespoke to your taste.

Once we have spoken to you and we understand what you would like, we create your unique experience.

the Guest experience has to be booked in advance on the phone and can be done at lunch or dinner at any days of the week as long as it is book a week in advance to offer us the chance to create the menu.

If you want to have fun and to be taken to a very unusual Journey, and you are adventurous to try different flavours and texture please get in Touch, the guest experience is for you!


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